Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Computer Crash!!!

Actually I have a faulty hardrive. My computer is brand new and I have lost ALL my data, pictures, everything. I am adding this entry on someone elses computer so I cannot even add a picture. Please pray that I can get it taken care of quickly. It is under warrantly, but as I am in a third world country it will take some time and extra effort to accomplish getting the harddrive replaced. I am deeply saddened by the loss of not only my records but photos that I did not put on a disc yet. I know things will be OK in the end and none of it can go with me, but I look at family photos all the time and will sorely miss them. I had backed up a small amount of data on an Dell online back up thing that came with my computer but it will be only a small amount of it and I don't know when I will have it again. Fortunately, all your emails are stored online so at least I can communicate this way. I wont have Skype for awhile either. Bless you all dear ones and Happy New Year. May the Lord give you strength and Mercy and health for 2009. I miss you all and love you all

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hello Dear Friends;
Christmas is right around the corner and though it does not seem like Christmas weather here (HOT HOT HOT!!), the Spirit and Joy of the Season is all around us. We had a Christmas Party at the baby home for the kids, invited a few friends and gave them a few gifts our Executive Director brought for them. Judy and I are holding down the fort while Danyne is stateside visiting her family and feel very blessed to be here this holiday. Though we miss our families and friends, God is blessing in a very real and wonderful way.
The children are happy and for the most part, healthy, though a few have caught the bug going around. The joy on their faces just by being here is blessing enough.
Friday evening we will go over to a fellow missionaries house to see the MK's perform the Christmas Story. Then Saturday we will all go to Kampala for the Annual Christmas Contata at Kampala Pentecostal Church. On the 23rd we will go out nearly to Bujagali Falls to see a Christmas Light Show (hopefully there will be POWER).
Christmas Eve will find us making cookies with the toddlers and we are told that Momma Cook has planned to cook us Chicken for lunch. Hmmm!!!
Christmas Day we hope to be able to spend the afternoon just playing with the kids and NOT working.
I do have one of the small babies that is sick right now and I have him in the clinic so he can get one on one care. I am praying we can get him through this and doing better. Please pray for him.
Dear Ones, May you have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS this season, and may God's light (HIS ONLY SON), shine down upon you. As you gather with family and friends, please don't forget us over here. I know I will be thinking of all of you, and praying for you. I love you all and thank God for you and for your love for me and this ministry.

Friday, December 12, 2008


You probably don't really want to look at the bottom of my foot, but for those of you interested in my pain , here is a photo of the seriously painful and itchy spider bite on the bottom of my foot. Two full days now and it is just starting to shrink. This picture was taken today. Yesterday the Reddness was several centimeters larger and tracked partway up the top of my foot. The center of it is darker. We have looked it over carefully and it is not a Jigger (parasite). We can't seem to find a stinger. I put myself on some Prednisone and Benadryl. Tea tree Oil on the site too. Its very hard to walk on it. Feels like a stone under my foot. But it only serves to slow me a little. I still have to walk all over at the baby home. Sick kids, well kids, playing kids, sleeping kids, babies in my arms.
Recently, I added another hat to my responsibilities. Besides being the health/medical director I am now also the Volunteer Coordinator for the Uganda side. This is really up my alley since Hospitality, Helps, and Mentoring seem to be some of my spiritual gifts. I make sure their picked up at the airport, settled into the housing and welcome them. I also will be assigning them their duties and answer any questions they may have in regard to their time here. Watch for the next addition to my blog. It will be a "Christ"mas greeting.