Saturday, September 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home Uganda- My Sept. 11

Some of you may not know what has been going on here in Uganda for the last 3 days and may probably extend into tomorrow. This is how our September 11 and 12th went this past week.

Due to disagreements between the Bugandan King and the President of Uganda, the Bugandans decided that rioting and all that goes with it, was the answer.

Had I known when I got in the car Thursday morning, to head to Kampala to see little Walter and help facillitate the medical visa for one of our kids being adopted stateside, I most probably would have stayed at home.

We got as far as Lugazi (about half way) and saw hundreds of people on each side of the road throwing stones at each other and several men rolling a huge boulder into the road. Getting through that was nail biting as it was but then we were unable to turn around and go home because that very area was worse and we were advised to keep going to Kampala and stay in the safe areas there.

At Mukono, there was burning rubble and tires in the road and a burned smoking Lorrie (large truck) plus all kinds of people running about.

We were in the midst of shooting guns and Tear Gas being thrown into these crowds by police and many people died, including police officers.

Thankfully, we had people on the ground who kept us informed and some dear friends in Kampala rescued us and took us to their home (in the safe Zone) and we stayed there.
Today, Hallelujah, we were able to make a quick run for Jinja while all was quiet on the highway between here and there.

My humble home here and my closet of clean clothes never looked so good. Spending two days in the same sweaty clothes (and underwear) was alot to ask but Thanks be to God we are safe and sound and back in Jinja.

Hoping the violence is ending, we have been told it will all be over by Monday. Let's hope so. Danyne is nearing her due date and could deliver at any time. As I could not get to her and she could not get to me or Kampala it was a good thing she stayed calmly in Jinja.

Due to the Safety and Security issues we faced, I was unable to get over to the hospital where Walter is, but would ask that you still continue to hold this little guy up in prayer. He is not well and time is running out.

Please keep praying for Walter blessed ones and thank you for your prayers and your concerns and May He who gives so faithfully bless you in every way~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Walter Update

Today we were able to get the biopsy performed under General Anesthesia at CoRSU Rehab Hospital, and Praise God, the surgery and time at the hospital was free. We had to pay for the lab testing but the Lord provided for that as well.
Walter has pretty much NO clotting factors in his blood right now and required a unit of blood following the surgery. The bleeding from the biopsy took a very long time to subside.
He looks so much worse the last couple of days, that my heart is breaking for him. He surely seems like he will lose his eye.
It took all day to process him through and obtain admission to International Hospital Kampala, but finally this evening he was taken to his promised bed and Mamma Katherine settled him with him.
I delivered the Tissue Specimen to the Pathology Lab myself in order to help speed things up. With Urgent written on the lab slip and the words "fast Growing Tumor" in hand, I was sure we would be able to expedite, however, by the time we reached the Lab, the bundle of specimens ready for shipment was already gathered.
It takes about 14 hours for the machine to process the slides and they could not hold the bundle any longer. Unfortunately, that means the specimen will not leave Uganda for the USA till Friday, and results will not be finished until Tuesday.
Walter will have to wait another week before Chemo can start, but, we can at least get him started on Steroids and Comfort measures.
The wonderful Dr. At IHK is optimistic that he will survive this, however, she reminds me that he is gravely ill. He was admitted to the Charity Ward (a very nice one mind you) and gave him a status that donors gives money to pay for the treatment.
It is very late and I am off to bed, but wanted you all to know, the latest, so you would know how to keep praying for this precious little boy.
He truly is alot worse than he was last Friday, but I am trusting the Lord God who loves him a whole lot more than I or anyone else does.
Thank you for your prayers

Friday, September 4, 2009


We are empowered by God to pray for one another. Those prayers are heard by the one and only true God who can answer them.
We at Amani are asking all our friends and family to pray for one of our little ones.

Nearly two weeks ago we received from Probation and the Police and little boy between the ages of 2 and 3. His name is Walter.
He came to us with what was obvious to me a tumor in his mouth and a bump on his head. This is the first time we have had a child with Cancer.

It took me all of the two weeks to track down and find someone to do a biopsy and suggest treatment for this little guy.
He has what I and the doctors here believe to be a Burkitt's Tumor. They are a childhood tumor and grow very quickly. They can double in size in a week, though they usually respond very quickly to Chemotherapy.

Because of circumstances beyond our control, we cannot do the Biopsy until next Tuesday. I want to put him on Steroids until Chemo starts and cannot do that either until the Biopsy is finished. We want to make sure of the right type of tumor so we can get the right type of Chemo to shrink it and get him well.

It is not operable and he is miserable as you can see by this photo. It is something out of my control and all I can do is play the waiting game until this biopsy is done. As soon as it is obtained, I can start him on Steroids and prepare him better for Chemo.
Tuesday, I will head again to the hospital in Kisumi, Uganda and get the Biopsy (thankfully free). The diagnosis of the Biopsy will not be free but thankfully we have the money for it.

There is a strong possibility that there will be money donated to pay for Chemo.
He is showing signs that it is spreading and right now this precious little boy truly needs our prayers.
Please please please pray for Walter and Amani. I am trusting that we can get to it in time.
I thank you dear ones and will keep everyone posted on his care and prognosis and status as we begin the odyssey of Cancer treatment.