Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been back in Uganda for several days now and recovering from another bad cold. It has been hard to get back into the swing of things. Jet lag on top of it sure takes the wind out of your sails.

I made it back safe and sound with the rotary lawn mower a very nice couple in my church back home donated. You can sort of see in the picture, by the smile on his face, that my yard boy, Philip, was very pleased to receive it here. He has already used it several times this week and says he is very happy.

What a blessing this gift has already become. Despite the difficulty in getting it here, I am so thankful to the Williams' for their giving of it. Bless you!!

It is the rainy season here and, though I did not take a picture, the storm we had last night took out my Papaya Tree in the back yard. This makes me very sad. There were many Papaya on the tree not mature yet. It fell completely over and uprooted. Well, it is a good thing Papaya (poh poh) is in abundance here.

A stray cat has taken up residence on my compound and I am terribly allergic to cats. Anyone want him??? He wont leave no matter how many times chased away.

God is good. I am back caring for the children of Amani Baby Cottage. The mamas and the children were so excited to see me back and said they missed me.

Blessings to all of you till the next update