Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Home Happenings for the week

Hi Everyone;
Hope and pray your all well. I stay very busy here as always. This week I had the Ugandan Health Department of Jinja come. They offer free immunizations in this country and all it takes is a phone call from me (usually) to get them over to the baby home. They usually bring all their own supplies ie., cotton balls, surgical spirits, syringes and a cooler full of the proper immunizations
We have had 11 new children since I had them here last and so we were very busy giving shots. This time all the kids received Vitamin A and some received injections per the standard schedule for Uganda.
They had given 5 kids injections before I realized they were using plain cotton balls instead of ones soaked in surgical spirits to sanitize the injection site. Once I corrected that, they were allowed to continue. I pray now that those 5 do not get infections at the injection site.
All of us are attending the Bill Gothard Seminar in Basic Life Principles, brought over especially for us. I attended this seminar the first time way back in 1977 and then the advance seminar a year or two later. As an alumni I am seeing a very different approach to the presentation. This time its by DVD instead of live, its a smaller notebook instead of a huge syllabus. Though the man is the same and the principles are the same. I especially enjoy the chalk talks. I am thoroughly enjoying these seminars. I think we have one more week until were finished. We are meeting on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Our executive director of the baby home is paying for all of us volunteers to attend. Thank You Corky very much!
I am working on new feeding charts and methods for the mommas. Perhaps it will help them be more accurate.
We have had some rain almost every morning for the last week or so. It has been nice for cooling off things.
I pray the blessings of the Lord, fill your heart and mind with joy. Remembering all of you in my prayers.
I have been reading in Chronicles this week. I am once again reading through the bible in Chronological order. Even though I have read them before the genealogies and names are still tough to get through.
Until next time

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jagpal Sing Bharj

Tuesday May 6, 2008 ended up being a very busy but very joyful day. Praise the Lord, all is well. I had the priveledge of CO-delivering our directors baby boy. Both the Dr. and I had our hands out catching that sweet new life and helping to bring him into the world.
All is well and he is a wonderful new addition to the Amani family. Jag weighed in at 8#8oz (nearly 4 kg) and was 22" (55.9cm) in length. He, as you can clearly see has lots of dark hair and has NO mustache. Mommy and Daddy are proud and happy as well as Danynee and Diana the new big sisters. They were somewhat dismayed that he was so white at birth ( I guess they thought he would be darker).
God is so good. Everyday I see His blessings pour forth here. The baby home is doing well and the children who dwell there are doing great.
I can't stop praising Him for his greatness. I don't have a family photo yet that is publishable but hope to soon. In the meantime, you can see Jag here with his new Jja Jja Auntie Siouxanne.