Monday, July 12, 2010


As most of you have probably already heard via the International News Affiliates, we had some bombings in Kampala last night. Both places have been frequented by us when were in Kampala. I am safe and those dear and near to me here are safe and sound.
We are all a little unnerved and have a heightened awareness that we are in the midst of terrorism, but we also trust in a mighty and awesome God.
We are asking all our friends and families to keep us in your prayers and especially those that were affected by last nights bombings.
We know without a doubt that God called us here and so in saying that, trust that He knows best.
You can get on the local newspapers website and see the story, but please be aware that the photos are VERY VERY graphic. and

Thank you dear ones for your prayers and your support. God is good and on His throne and He is in control. Bless you all

Friday, July 9, 2010

Following His leading...

I am constantly amazed by the complexities and simplicities that are always tied together in this country. They are interwoven so tightly that sometimes you cannot tell the difference. Daily I feel that God is constantly speaking to me and bringing about a message my heart can barely contain.
One of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my life is being called to this country. A little over 5 years ago, I stepped on an airplane for a two week trip that forever changed my life. You may have never experienced such life changing, mountain top events, but I pray that through my words, my eyes and my heart, you can see from this blog that I truly have.

The children at Amani Baby Cottage never cease to amaze me. I am daily confronted with different issues and yet sometimes the same issues repeatedly. Sometimes I have to stop myself from being complacent. Oh that I would never forget the primary objective to my being here. I try to always be ready for the Lord's leading. I never know when or where He will do that, and I try always to be prepared for the unexpected.

I have had a small 4 month old baby that has been sick without knowing the etiology (source).
Fevers, and at first cold like symptoms. I treated him for them, tested him for Malaria two times with both showing negative. The little guy started having focal seizures and was a sick little guy.
At one point the volunteers brought him to me thinking he was near death. I treated him as best as I could, took him to the local hospital for testing. They didn't find anything either. But nevertheless, I treated him for infection and went ahead and treated for Malaria. The fevers and cold symptoms left but he continued to have seizures. I bumped my prayers for this little guy and started an Odyssey of phone calling to find a neurologists and an EEG. Phone numbers I had were no longer working, doctors no longer available, I was going crazy trying to find some help for this little guy.

The hospital in Kampala we use for testing like that had one tech that performed them and this person was on "leave". I finally after 4 days of phone calls and pleading found a doctor, but he would not answer his phone. Meanwhile, my prayers continued and I am sure all the volunteers were praying as well. Amazingly, the seizures STOPPED and he started smiling and acting like a normal 4 month old baby. I cannot explain it except to say the POWER OF PRAYER WORKS MIRACLES.

I don't have an ending to this story yet. Today, I have sent him to Kampala for testing finally and evaluation, even though the seizures stopped. We found somewhere else to test him. I pray though the medical is limited, that if there is something going on with this little one it will be found out. I will continue to treat and observe and do whatever it takes if possible to keep him well. Oh and By the way..... He is HIV negative!!!!!

From stories like this little guy to another child at the home who is Autistic. He is like the wind. It is hard to contain him. He is a free spirit. This week he threw gravel on my car seat. I had to spend 15 minutes cleaning it out so I could go home for the day. That same day he had thrown gravel in Mama Cook's outdoor kitchen so that had to be cleaned up so she could cook. You have to laugh at this, though, it means closer watch on him as he gets to big to manage. We wait for another special home to open this September so they can take him and love on him too.

'God, so move in my life and my heart, that I remain open to your leading and direction. I am your servant Lord, and ready to follow you to ends of the earth.' AMEN AND AMEN