Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring into Destruction

Well by now you are all settling in to face the Springtime. For you last Sunday was Daylight Savings Time 'Spring Forward Day'. We do not change time here at the equator and I nearly forgot that it was that time of year.
The rains have brought much lush greenery and the flowers are blooming riotously. Well lots of mud too, but that is to be expected.
I am sure most of you have heard about the complete destruction of the Buganda Kingdoms Tombs of the Traditional Kings. This was a UNESCO world heritage site located on Kasubi Hill near the capitol city Kampala. The Buganda is Uganda's largest ethnic group based in the central part of the country. The site is a symbol of the Spiritual, Political and Social State of the Buganda Nation. 4 kings bodies were housed there in the domed mausoleum.
Tensions between the government and Buganda is high anyway from the recent clashes over assigning a second king by the government. Presidential elections are a year away and Bugandan's are fearing that these are retaliations by the government. I do not believe the government is involved but someone bent on causing serious trouble between the two. Someone cruel and with evil intent. It is a sad thing that a historic place like Kasubi Tombs could fall prey to people with their own private agenda. This loss for Uganda would be like America losing Arlington National Cemetery.
The raging fire destroyed everything except the concrete walls that formed its backbone, as well as the metallic pillars that supported the dome. Stripped of the wooden poles, reeds and grass, the structure now seems like the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde or other ancient dwellings.
My heart goes out to the Buganda Nation. Despite any political agenda's or Religious connotation, it is a sad loss.
I am praying that the people will act rationally and forgive and remember that God alone is sovereign and the remembrance of these kings in their hearts will not soon be forgotten.
Pray for Uganda, its people and its government and for us who occasionally get caught in the middle.
Things are good here at Amani Baby Cottage. We have 58 children right now and for the most part they are doing well and healthy. I hosted the local governmental Health Department Immunizations section. I am able to call them and set it up. I pick them up with their supplies and they come and give all the immunizations needed for our home for free. It's a whole lot easier to go and get them and bring them to us rather than try to take 58 children to them. After we finish with all the immunizations, I treat the team to soda's and Mandazi (fried sweet bread). It is a wonderful thing that they will do this for us. I am very appreciative of their assistance. They give things like Measles, DPT, Flu shots, Polio, Tetanus, etc. No MMR or Varicella, though those can be obtained in the country for cost. Although they cost less than what you would pay in America the cost is prohibitive for our facility. When children are adopted or fostered to the USA it is part of their immigration physical.
We had the whole house down with Chicken pox a couple of months ago and it took a long time to clear the facility. Thankfully no problems or repercussions from it.
I continue to plug away at my work here and am thankful that I can.
God bless you all there as you enter Spring and Planting Season. I think of you all so fondly and pray God's greatest blessings upon you. Drop me a line now and then, I would love to hear from each and every one of you.