Friday, November 13, 2009

...She thought it was Funny...

So Mama Susan asked me today if it was nearing my birthday. When I answered in the affirmative she asked me how old. 50 was my reply, to which she responded by pointing up to the sky, and then proceeded to sing "Nearer My God To Thee"....
Well, somedays I feel Nearer. Who knows the day or the hour. The point is will be ready when our time does come. Our work here on earth is preparation for our life in eternity. I pray were all ready. Though I am ready whenever, I hope its not for some time. I feel like I still have so much work to do for him. I am blessed because of the continued work here I have been called to do
It is not without it's trials and testings, but yet Christ promised a way out of those trials. He is the peace in the midst of the storm as well as the calm seas. These children continue to be a joy and a blessing and I am priveledged to work with such a fine organization. The leadership here is absolutely amazing.
I hope as the holidays are coming up that you would thank God for your many blessings and give Praise to Him. He is the risen Lord.
As some of you know, I will be making a short trip home (6 weeks) to spend my 50th birthday as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. My daughter Crystal is hosting a 50th birthday party in my honor. I guess if I am going to turn 50, I better enjoy it. I hope you will be able to take the time to drop by and say hello.
I will be flying out of Entebbe, Uganda on November 20th and arriving in Grand Junction on November 21 at 7pm. Please pray for safe travel mercies for me. It will be a long 5 hop trip home and I don't really appreciate flying so much.
Blessings and see you all soon!!!