Monday, May 25, 2009

The Work and the Call

Dear Ones;
I must apologize for the long time between entries. I truly have had little time for doing anything outside my work here.
I have had a bit of this underlying fear (sorry Lord for not trusting) that someone here would get very ill and I would be powerless to stop it, and not have a fast resolution.
We had a volunteer and one of the children here at ABC come down with Malaria about 3 weeks ago. The child quickly recovered. Unfortunately, the volunteer did not. She became gravely ill. Thinking she had just a bad cold, she did not tell me right away and was sick for about 4 days before I intervened and took her to my house for treatment and care. Testing positive for Malaria after 3 other tests were negative, I started her on malaria treatment and IV fluids but her body was hit hard with it and she ended up with serious complications from the Malaria.
The scary part of it was, that after I transported her to Kampala to the Hospital there, she continued to deteriorate and we were forced to Medivac her to Nairobi, Kenya for more advanced care. Praise God, after (on our part) unavoidable delays we acquired and air ambulance jet plane fly her out. She remained on constant Kidney Dialysis for 3 days and then was weaned down to once daily for a week. I was unable to accompany her on the flight to Nairobi, but felt good about placing her in the care of the Kenyan Dr. and Nurse who were on the flight. Oh how hard it was to call her family in Canada and tell them how ill she was and ask them to come to her. They did it quickly and efficiently.
Last weekend, I was priveledged to be given plane fare to fly to Nairobi for the weekend to take her luggage and personal effects to her, and meet and spend time with her and her family.
It did me a world of good to see her looking so much better and smiling and on the road to recovery. Her family was wonderful and I Praise God for the continued health she is experiencing.
She is now off dialysis completely and will probably be discharged from Nairobi Hospital and allowed to go home with her family.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am so thankful that she is recovering and will recover completely.
It just makes us ever aware, that we are still at the mercy of the elements here, and though this has NEVER happened, we have to be prepared for it.
I can say with ferver, that I am believing God has a plan and whatever He decides for me or those here I work with, and my loved ones back home. I trust Him completely. Even in my human nature, I still fear and tremble and do panic a little waiting for something medically critical to take place, I AM READY TO FACE IT!!! That is why God has placed me here. Yes, to reach the lost, Yes, to lead them to Christ if necessary, but also YES to keeping health, well being, and access to medical care and Emmergent Care ready and available.
I want you to know this, without personal specifics of the one who was so sick, so you know, that I continue to use what little God has blessed me with to benefit Him and those around me. I truly feel a serious responsibility as a leader here, to those I am called to take care of.
Thank you to those of you who so faithfully continue to support Reaching Hands Mission to Uganda. Please continue to support me and my work here. I feel strongly that I am here for that reason.
Bless you!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009