Monday, June 22, 2009

babies in Uganda

Recently I went to a baby shower for a missionary friend. Two of the children I have delivered here in Uganda were in attendance. Hannah Jore and our own JagPal. I grabbed the opportunity to have my photo snapped with them. Born within a few days of each other they are both a little over a year old now. Such cuties and really growing.

Both are now walking and beginning to learn words. It is so cool to see them growing and changing. It is just another part of the ministry God has called me to here in addition to the children I take care of at Amani

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A treasured Moment In Time

This past week, I had the rare and probably the only opportunity to have my daughter Crystal and her husband Jesse here with me at Amani Baby Cottage. What a special time for me and for her.

Her and Jesse came to Uganda with their church group and were ministering up in the Mbali area (which is quite beautiful I might add) and her and Jesse sacraficed their last day and a half ministering with them to come with me (I drove to Mbali and picked them up) to Jinja and spend time with me in my ministry and life here in Uganda. It truly was something I have longed for these past 4 years and never thought would happen.

My daughter is so amazing. She is beautiful and precious and to see her and Jesse with these kids I love here, was ... well there are no words.

Jesse seemed to have a blast with Jr., Danynee and Diana up in the tree fort. He held some of the babies and him and Crystal even jumped in and fed babies, changed diapers and even hung the nappies on the clothes line outside.

It was fast and furious, but I am so grateful and thankful that God allowed this treasured moment in time for me and for them.... (the rest of the family is welcome anytime all of you)