Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 11-13 found me back in my little hometown of Craig, Colorado for my 30th High School Reunion. It was a very nice weekend and great to see some of the old High School group. The local newspaper did a write up about us on Saturday morning, quoting one our group as "still the wild bunch". I am not so sure of that but we did enjoy seeing one another again. This time talk was of aches and pains, Grandchildren and what to do for our 4oth ( if we all are alive by then).
I felt very priveledged to have been able to travel so far and be a part of it. Being able to be home fundraising and able to go to this event was important to me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bound to Happen

Hi Everyone;
I have arrived safely in Colorado and will be staying at my daughter's house while stateside. I arrrived in Denver last Thursday evening "WITHOUT MY LUGGAGE". Yes, after traveling as much as I have, for the first time, my luggage (both of them) were lost. I was given a time frame of 24-38 hours. (NOT!!). Not only have I spent the first 4 days of my home coming sick (traveler's bug) and trying to recover not only from that but from the jetlag, I have been without my clothes and gifts for family.
Today, however, (nearly a week later) I finally received my luggage, via Federal Express. Hmmmm!! I am however, grateful to God Almighty for His tender mercies. Although, I have not been able to eat until yesterday, I am thankful. (The weight loss hasn't hurt me any).
I went to church here in Colorado and was asked to pray a blessing on the children as it was family day and Pastor Art spoke of Adoption and being a part of the family of God.
So, all you great people that have not seen me yet, I am here and you can call me. I am anxious to see everyone especially now that I feel so much better. Blessings to you all!!!