Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo Gallery of my life and work

The Doctor is in

Beautiful Sunbird on my car mirror

Toddlers walking in rain, moments before scolding the mammas for them not having pants and shoes on

Simple Reminders I post

My mini lab

It Speaks for itself

Part of the supplies I stock and use

My Medical Library

These are some of the ARV's we use on our children who are HIV + and need them. Thanks in part to you wonderful supporters and prayer warriors, these are a few photos of things I see, do and have at my disposal that I have acquired and use at Amani Baby Cottage. Bless you all today

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wagon Play

Food For Thought

I made Biscuits and Gravy for my breakfast this morning. You might think that is not a very big deal, but let me tell you that everything made here is a big deal. Fixing any meal is a process. Since the presence of ready made and easy fixin things are just not available here, we do it the good old fashion way...From Scratch!!!

As I was contemplating the process it took me to complete my breakfast, ( and it really was not near as good as the Biscuit Supreme at Starvin Arvin's) I couldn't help but think of the process we go through in our Spiritual Growth and our service to Him.
Everything about our lives is a process.

We start out as a tiny baby totally dependant on our parents for ALL our needs. As time goes by we grow and mature and learn each thing, day by day, step by step. Eventually, we become adults and start that process all over again when we marry and have children.

How like that our Heavenly Father watches over us and teaches and admonishes and helps us learn to walk, talk, grow in Grace. He stands there as our Spiritual Daddy waiting for us to take our first steps and then continue to walk toward him and His loving arms.

It has been said..."We live in a world that knows the cost of everything, but the Value of nothing. In this world of the "here and now" we who are followers of Christ are called to build our values around what lasts forever...." but do we really!!! Can we not learn the Values set before us.
The process for preparing the world for His return is like those biscuits and gravy. Each step tenuous and each step important.

I would hope that we would remember the we are pilgrims in this world, not tourists. With God's help we need to keep a clear perspective and an undistracted heart, so that we can more effectively serve the Saviour.

So in saying all this, I encourage you dear friends, that as you walk in the process of growing and helping 'others' grow, remember the process that was gone through for us.

Each of us has a job to do here on earth. Whether it be locally or abroad God uses us in powerful and mighty ways and He is there extending His mighty arms out for all to walk into.

These precious little souls here and those of us called to care for them are in a process. While it may not be Biscuits and Gravy (with Cheddar Cheese from home I might add) , it is something immeasurably more important. Preparing those little hearts for growth, health, maturity and eventually and prayerfully having ministries of their own. Isn't this what it is all about?

Whatever God has called you to do and wherever he has called you to do it, serve Him with your whole heart. Give the process the time it needs to mature and in the end you will receive your reward and God's Kingdom will be complete.