Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding Bells for Lois

As some of you know, I was a bridesmaid this weekend. Two weeks ago (see first picture on left), we had what would be called the announcement, and were "required" to wear a "Gomas". It sort of looks like a Kimono and was not a little hot or a little uncomfortable but was fun to have. I went to church about 3 times that Sunday morning in order to hit all the needed churches to announce the upcoming wedding. As her friend, boss and maid she asked me to stand with her that weekend as well. Now I know I do not look like a maid, but alas I was this weekend. Lois Mwamula our Ugandan Supervisor at the baby home oversees the management of the everyday things at the baby home. She is in charge of the mommas that work for us as well as our short term volunteers we have. She has been with Danyne since before starting Amani.

Her life took a major change this weekend, when at 36 she walked down the ilse for the first time to marry Godfrey Kalulu. She was a radiant and beautiful bride and I was priveledged to stand by her and support her through her special day. Although it was raining (AND VERY COLD MIND YOU) it still turned out to be a very nice wedding. In Uganda everyone that comes to the wedding helps pay for it. We all scrimped to pay for our bridesmaid gowns, shoes and flowers. I did my own hair as well as the other two Mzungu (white girls) bridesmaids. You can see some of her day through my pictures. I pray she has a lifetime of happiness. I know God will bless her and Godfrey.

Yesterday, late, the first half of the BWO team arrived and I was at the airport to meet them. It was 3:30 before I got back home and into bed. It is a full busy week with the team. This organization holds a special place in my heart as they were the mission team I first came to Uganda with. Many returning faces and alot of new ones. They will be very busy over the next two weeks with all kinds of activities for missions, including medical.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Diana's Eggroll

During the Saturday part of the conference, we had a couple of hours free time and we wandered down the street to find something to eat besides a sack lunch. We found a small cafe that Debbie use to frequent years ago. Some of us ordered Chicken and Chips (fries) but Diana ordered an Egg roll (she wasnt very hungry). None of us (except Debbie who kept quiet) new what was coming. They set her "egg roll" down in front of her and we all kinda stared at it. It looked like the inside of a baseball. Round and golden brown we wondered at it, for none of us had ever seen a big round "egg roll" before. She sliced straight down into it, to find, lo and behold, one boiled egg. The round exterior was actually mashed potatoes formed around it and deep fat fried. We all kind of just stared at it with mouths hung open and then we all cracked up and laughed so hard, the Ugandans in the place could not figure out what was so funny!! Debbie meantime was sitting over in her chair smirking away for she knew what was coming.
Needless to say, it was a Kodak Moment as you can see by the photo.
It gave her a three day bellyache but at least she has a memory. We all got a good laugh out of it.

Passion Kampala Uganda

I cannot begin to describe the amazing weekend we just had here. 9 of us from the baby home. 3 long term vols and 6 short termers, volunteered our time away from the baby home to assist the Passion World Tour Conference that was held here. It was by far the biggest, Christian gathering Kampala, Uganda has ever seen.
What a true blessing to assist this wonderful organization to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the students here at Makarere University. During the 2 day conference there were over 22,000 students attending and MANY gave their lives to God and were able to participate in a far out Praise and Worship time together. I was asked to serve as "The medical" through the conference and was given a two-way radio to carry so they could reach me. Only twice during the entire weekend was I called to assist someone medically.
We were blessed to worship with Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Charlie Hall. Speakers Francis Chen and Louie Giglio. I had the priveledge of meeting and talking to all the singers.
When Louie got up to speak "Indescribable" (which I had heard before) I looked up into the night sky and saw the stars and the screen was showing what was beyond the stars. What he described took my breath away. God is truly "Indescribable". He is an amazing, all powerful mighty God and we are only a speck on the horizon compared to all he has created. What a phenomenal moment to experience. WOW!!
It was after 1am when Debbie and I finally left the field (after helping tear down and meet Chris Tomlin of course). Her and I stayed across town from the other volunteers who went back early. She and I attended Kampala Pentecostal Church the next morning (though we were half asleep).
What an added bonus and surprise when who should get up to lead us in a couple of praise and worship songs but Martin Smith from "Delirous".
Thank God for that time of refreshing and refueling with these great spiritual leaders of song and word. Though we were there to help them, I received a far greater blessing. PRAISE GOD!!