Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

...She thought it was Funny...

So Mama Susan asked me today if it was nearing my birthday. When I answered in the affirmative she asked me how old. 50 was my reply, to which she responded by pointing up to the sky, and then proceeded to sing "Nearer My God To Thee"....
Well, somedays I feel Nearer. Who knows the day or the hour. The point is will be ready when our time does come. Our work here on earth is preparation for our life in eternity. I pray were all ready. Though I am ready whenever, I hope its not for some time. I feel like I still have so much work to do for him. I am blessed because of the continued work here I have been called to do
It is not without it's trials and testings, but yet Christ promised a way out of those trials. He is the peace in the midst of the storm as well as the calm seas. These children continue to be a joy and a blessing and I am priveledged to work with such a fine organization. The leadership here is absolutely amazing.
I hope as the holidays are coming up that you would thank God for your many blessings and give Praise to Him. He is the risen Lord.
As some of you know, I will be making a short trip home (6 weeks) to spend my 50th birthday as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. My daughter Crystal is hosting a 50th birthday party in my honor. I guess if I am going to turn 50, I better enjoy it. I hope you will be able to take the time to drop by and say hello.
I will be flying out of Entebbe, Uganda on November 20th and arriving in Grand Junction on November 21 at 7pm. Please pray for safe travel mercies for me. It will be a long 5 hop trip home and I don't really appreciate flying so much.
Blessings and see you all soon!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home Uganda- My Sept. 11

Some of you may not know what has been going on here in Uganda for the last 3 days and may probably extend into tomorrow. This is how our September 11 and 12th went this past week.

Due to disagreements between the Bugandan King and the President of Uganda, the Bugandans decided that rioting and all that goes with it, was the answer.

Had I known when I got in the car Thursday morning, to head to Kampala to see little Walter and help facillitate the medical visa for one of our kids being adopted stateside, I most probably would have stayed at home.

We got as far as Lugazi (about half way) and saw hundreds of people on each side of the road throwing stones at each other and several men rolling a huge boulder into the road. Getting through that was nail biting as it was but then we were unable to turn around and go home because that very area was worse and we were advised to keep going to Kampala and stay in the safe areas there.

At Mukono, there was burning rubble and tires in the road and a burned smoking Lorrie (large truck) plus all kinds of people running about.

We were in the midst of shooting guns and Tear Gas being thrown into these crowds by police and many people died, including police officers.

Thankfully, we had people on the ground who kept us informed and some dear friends in Kampala rescued us and took us to their home (in the safe Zone) and we stayed there.
Today, Hallelujah, we were able to make a quick run for Jinja while all was quiet on the highway between here and there.

My humble home here and my closet of clean clothes never looked so good. Spending two days in the same sweaty clothes (and underwear) was alot to ask but Thanks be to God we are safe and sound and back in Jinja.

Hoping the violence is ending, we have been told it will all be over by Monday. Let's hope so. Danyne is nearing her due date and could deliver at any time. As I could not get to her and she could not get to me or Kampala it was a good thing she stayed calmly in Jinja.

Due to the Safety and Security issues we faced, I was unable to get over to the hospital where Walter is, but would ask that you still continue to hold this little guy up in prayer. He is not well and time is running out.

Please keep praying for Walter blessed ones and thank you for your prayers and your concerns and May He who gives so faithfully bless you in every way~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Walter Update

Today we were able to get the biopsy performed under General Anesthesia at CoRSU Rehab Hospital, and Praise God, the surgery and time at the hospital was free. We had to pay for the lab testing but the Lord provided for that as well.
Walter has pretty much NO clotting factors in his blood right now and required a unit of blood following the surgery. The bleeding from the biopsy took a very long time to subside.
He looks so much worse the last couple of days, that my heart is breaking for him. He surely seems like he will lose his eye.
It took all day to process him through and obtain admission to International Hospital Kampala, but finally this evening he was taken to his promised bed and Mamma Katherine settled him with him.
I delivered the Tissue Specimen to the Pathology Lab myself in order to help speed things up. With Urgent written on the lab slip and the words "fast Growing Tumor" in hand, I was sure we would be able to expedite, however, by the time we reached the Lab, the bundle of specimens ready for shipment was already gathered.
It takes about 14 hours for the machine to process the slides and they could not hold the bundle any longer. Unfortunately, that means the specimen will not leave Uganda for the USA till Friday, and results will not be finished until Tuesday.
Walter will have to wait another week before Chemo can start, but, we can at least get him started on Steroids and Comfort measures.
The wonderful Dr. At IHK is optimistic that he will survive this, however, she reminds me that he is gravely ill. He was admitted to the Charity Ward (a very nice one mind you) and gave him a status that donors gives money to pay for the treatment.
It is very late and I am off to bed, but wanted you all to know, the latest, so you would know how to keep praying for this precious little boy.
He truly is alot worse than he was last Friday, but I am trusting the Lord God who loves him a whole lot more than I or anyone else does.
Thank you for your prayers

Friday, September 4, 2009


We are empowered by God to pray for one another. Those prayers are heard by the one and only true God who can answer them.
We at Amani are asking all our friends and family to pray for one of our little ones.

Nearly two weeks ago we received from Probation and the Police and little boy between the ages of 2 and 3. His name is Walter.
He came to us with what was obvious to me a tumor in his mouth and a bump on his head. This is the first time we have had a child with Cancer.

It took me all of the two weeks to track down and find someone to do a biopsy and suggest treatment for this little guy.
He has what I and the doctors here believe to be a Burkitt's Tumor. They are a childhood tumor and grow very quickly. They can double in size in a week, though they usually respond very quickly to Chemotherapy.

Because of circumstances beyond our control, we cannot do the Biopsy until next Tuesday. I want to put him on Steroids until Chemo starts and cannot do that either until the Biopsy is finished. We want to make sure of the right type of tumor so we can get the right type of Chemo to shrink it and get him well.

It is not operable and he is miserable as you can see by this photo. It is something out of my control and all I can do is play the waiting game until this biopsy is done. As soon as it is obtained, I can start him on Steroids and prepare him better for Chemo.
Tuesday, I will head again to the hospital in Kisumi, Uganda and get the Biopsy (thankfully free). The diagnosis of the Biopsy will not be free but thankfully we have the money for it.

There is a strong possibility that there will be money donated to pay for Chemo.
He is showing signs that it is spreading and right now this precious little boy truly needs our prayers.
Please please please pray for Walter and Amani. I am trusting that we can get to it in time.
I thank you dear ones and will keep everyone posted on his care and prognosis and status as we begin the odyssey of Cancer treatment.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laid To Rest

I am sorry dear ones, I wanted to send this out on Monday after the funeral, but just couldn't.
I wanted you to see the wake and funeral of our dear precious Jonathan, who his "family" laid to rest on Monday in the late afternoon.
If you read in my previous entry from last Saturday, late, you will know that he was fostered by one our our mommas and taken home to be their son early last year.
As Danyne our Director pointed out at the funeral, this one thing is our primary goal here in Uganda. To find families for our children and eliminate the word "Orphan". She said, "If this would have happened last year when he was still a orphan at the baby home, there may have been 4 of us at the funeral, a few volunteers, maybe a momma or two, but it happened today and look out and see how many are here. In a little over a year, and there is many, many (at least 150) people here today, that loved him and made him part of this family. He died having brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles...." In front of her, the small coffin sitting on a coffee table in the midst of the crowd under a large tree.
Earlier when we arrived, we were all ushered into a small small mud hut, in a room with a dirt floor. The small coffin placed on a mattress and Mama Katherine, sitting beside it with all the women around her. Crying out to "Jesu". We would pray and sing spontaneously, sometimes in English, sometimes in Ugandan, but what a blessed blessed praise service at the side of that coffin. We all know Jonathan was not really in there, for he is already with the King.
Tears were shed, grief poured out, but not the grief of those who have NO hope. It was beautiful and touched me like NO other funeral has touched me.
Know this, dear ones, God will prevail. The sadness and grief will pass, and we will continue to care for these children and fine loving homes with wonderful families such as Moses and Katherine who will take these children and call them their own and adopt them into their family. Exactly like God has done for us. He doesn't care about our past, where we come from, or what color our skin is or how. He alone has adopted us with an everlasting love and we can call Him Abba Father (Daddy God). I am so overwhelmed by this that I am now feeling goose bumps down my arms. Praise Him.
Please pray for Moses and Katherine as they continue on with life and healing.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It Is Well...

"When Peace like a river attendath my way. When Sorrow Like Sea Billows Roll. What ever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, It is Well, It is Well, With My Soul."

Today, We had Trajedy strike one of our own. We Are Amani, A place of "Peace". Peace in the Midst of the Storm. It was so needed today.

Our Momma Katherine (Katy) lost her son Jonathan in a tragic freak accident today. Jonathan was one of our Amani Babies that Momma Katherine fostered early last year. As she was working today, she received a phone call from home that NO mother ever ever wants to hear. As Jonathan was outside playing with his siblings in the little neighborhood where they live, he went to the hedge fence and grabbed ahold of the fencing inside the hedge and was electrocuted and instantly sent to the feet of Jesus.

The owner of this fence, thinking she was repelling thieves from her property, stole power from the electric company and in turn took the life of an innocent little 2 year old boy, who had no idea it was about to end.

The saddness and overwhelming grief, we experienced today even amoung the prayers going up was almost more than a person could bear. After calling the power company to come and disengage the electrical wires laced through the fence, the police came and investigated. Standing there holding onto Momma Katherine as she cried to God and grieved the loss, Reporters from the television studio in Kampala and the local Newsman stood around filming us and taking pictures and demanding a "story". We had to ask them to stop many times and finally walked away.

While we waited at the police station for the written report and then returned to the "Morgue" to retrieve Jonathon's body, those responsible for giving a release for the body demanded renumeration before "fixing" the body and releasing it to us. I helped place his little body on the lap of his older brother David in the back of my car for the ride to their small home.

How my heart grieved and cried for momma Katherine as she tenderly laid him on the matt floor of her "Garage home" and lovingly washed his body and dressed him in his "Sunday Best" and tediously and carefully massaged his stiffened limbs to lay him out for viewing. The small one room home only divided by a curtain was filled to the brim with many of the other "baby home mommas" and neighbors and family who had come to spend the night in prayer and support to this family. Katherine continued to cry out to God, call on His name and give her praises in Luganda while sometimes switching to English.

While things like this make me wish I was home, it also reminds me of why God called me here in the first place. These Mommas are our family and I was humbled by this simple and final act of a mother's love for her child, though she did not give birth to him. Grown in her heart and not in her womb.

Monday, will be the soonest we can take him for burial, as we must wait until then for the District Health Officer to write a death Certificate Then we will take him and as many family members as we can squeeze into the cars and take him to the family plot for burial.

I ask that you please pray for Momma Katherine and her family and the mommas and staff of Amani Baby Cottage. This is the first time in the nearly 6 years Amani has been in existence that one of our "placed" children has died, either here or abroad. It will be difficult for them for many days, and the prayers will not cease to bless them. Thank you dear ones and May God Bless you as you remember us here. Thank God we have hope and can know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jonathan is sitting at the throne of God. Hallelujah!!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today is Sunday. Both here and at home presently as I write this note. It is evening here, but morning back home. After church and lunch as I am doing today, I usually sit at home and relax.
Today, it felt like a fall day at home in Colorado. The wind was blowing steadily and it was cool. It has remained cool all day. Kinda weird for Uganda.
I have been training and orienting a young lady from Australia to take over as the Volunteer Coordinator until December. Praise God for her. It is wonderful for us that she agreed to stay on and take that responsibility. With my other duties and my position as medical officer, it took so much time. I do have to admit, I loved doing it, despite the time it took. Wearing two full time hats was really starting to wear me out. She is doing a splendid job and I am able to concentrate on taking care of every one's health and medical.
We have a stomach bug circulating Jinja right now and it has NOT seen fit to pass us by unharmed. It is making its way around the children, and adults. I think though we are finally starting to pull out of it .Still pray for us here at Amani Baby Cottage. Pray for my back and neck as well. I have had some pretty bad flareups of my fibromyalgia lately. It makes it hard to do what I am called here to do.
Blessings dear ones. I thank God for you and Praise Him!!~!

Monday, June 22, 2009

babies in Uganda

Recently I went to a baby shower for a missionary friend. Two of the children I have delivered here in Uganda were in attendance. Hannah Jore and our own JagPal. I grabbed the opportunity to have my photo snapped with them. Born within a few days of each other they are both a little over a year old now. Such cuties and really growing.

Both are now walking and beginning to learn words. It is so cool to see them growing and changing. It is just another part of the ministry God has called me to here in addition to the children I take care of at Amani

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A treasured Moment In Time

This past week, I had the rare and probably the only opportunity to have my daughter Crystal and her husband Jesse here with me at Amani Baby Cottage. What a special time for me and for her.

Her and Jesse came to Uganda with their church group and were ministering up in the Mbali area (which is quite beautiful I might add) and her and Jesse sacraficed their last day and a half ministering with them to come with me (I drove to Mbali and picked them up) to Jinja and spend time with me in my ministry and life here in Uganda. It truly was something I have longed for these past 4 years and never thought would happen.

My daughter is so amazing. She is beautiful and precious and to see her and Jesse with these kids I love here, was ... well there are no words.

Jesse seemed to have a blast with Jr., Danynee and Diana up in the tree fort. He held some of the babies and him and Crystal even jumped in and fed babies, changed diapers and even hung the nappies on the clothes line outside.

It was fast and furious, but I am so grateful and thankful that God allowed this treasured moment in time for me and for them.... (the rest of the family is welcome anytime all of you)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Work and the Call

Dear Ones;
I must apologize for the long time between entries. I truly have had little time for doing anything outside my work here.
I have had a bit of this underlying fear (sorry Lord for not trusting) that someone here would get very ill and I would be powerless to stop it, and not have a fast resolution.
We had a volunteer and one of the children here at ABC come down with Malaria about 3 weeks ago. The child quickly recovered. Unfortunately, the volunteer did not. She became gravely ill. Thinking she had just a bad cold, she did not tell me right away and was sick for about 4 days before I intervened and took her to my house for treatment and care. Testing positive for Malaria after 3 other tests were negative, I started her on malaria treatment and IV fluids but her body was hit hard with it and she ended up with serious complications from the Malaria.
The scary part of it was, that after I transported her to Kampala to the Hospital there, she continued to deteriorate and we were forced to Medivac her to Nairobi, Kenya for more advanced care. Praise God, after (on our part) unavoidable delays we acquired and air ambulance jet plane fly her out. She remained on constant Kidney Dialysis for 3 days and then was weaned down to once daily for a week. I was unable to accompany her on the flight to Nairobi, but felt good about placing her in the care of the Kenyan Dr. and Nurse who were on the flight. Oh how hard it was to call her family in Canada and tell them how ill she was and ask them to come to her. They did it quickly and efficiently.
Last weekend, I was priveledged to be given plane fare to fly to Nairobi for the weekend to take her luggage and personal effects to her, and meet and spend time with her and her family.
It did me a world of good to see her looking so much better and smiling and on the road to recovery. Her family was wonderful and I Praise God for the continued health she is experiencing.
She is now off dialysis completely and will probably be discharged from Nairobi Hospital and allowed to go home with her family.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am so thankful that she is recovering and will recover completely.
It just makes us ever aware, that we are still at the mercy of the elements here, and though this has NEVER happened, we have to be prepared for it.
I can say with ferver, that I am believing God has a plan and whatever He decides for me or those here I work with, and my loved ones back home. I trust Him completely. Even in my human nature, I still fear and tremble and do panic a little waiting for something medically critical to take place, I AM READY TO FACE IT!!! That is why God has placed me here. Yes, to reach the lost, Yes, to lead them to Christ if necessary, but also YES to keeping health, well being, and access to medical care and Emmergent Care ready and available.
I want you to know this, without personal specifics of the one who was so sick, so you know, that I continue to use what little God has blessed me with to benefit Him and those around me. I truly feel a serious responsibility as a leader here, to those I am called to take care of.
Thank you to those of you who so faithfully continue to support Reaching Hands Mission to Uganda. Please continue to support me and my work here. I feel strongly that I am here for that reason.
Bless you!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blessed Ressurection Sunday

Happy Blessed Easter dear ones. Jehovah lives and I am Praising Him.

Yesterday, I ran to the SuperMarket for a couple of things needed for the Sunrise Service held annually on my front lawn on Easter Morning. As I went around the Calvary Chapel Property, of which I live behind, I drove past the cross they put up for Easter. I stopped very suddenly and took this picture fast.

These children, Randomly caught, were all alone and kneeling before this cross praying. It wasnt planned, it wasnt propped or set up, these children were there (not knowing I would happen by with my camera) praying and it gave me such joy and blessed me. I called to them several times, after they rose from praying, before they would come to me. I gave them each 200 Ugandan Schillings (About >10c) for taking their picture. Their faces lit up and they laughed and told me Thank You. Then ran probably to buy something to eat. It made my Easter that much more special.

Easter morning, 6 AM just as last year, the rain stopped, we set up for sunrise service, no sunrise to see, but beautiful clouds and a cool temperature. Many wore jackets. We Sang

a few songs, had special music, and had an original word and message from Msumba (Pastor) Terry. He shared with us that Christ was the Door to Salvation and that the Resurrection was the Hinge that held the door. OK, we all know that to stay in place we all know a door needs hinges. Since Christ (the door) is the only way to Salvation. The Resurrection Hinges are pretty important. How wonderful to know we each have access to that door and can walk through any time we are ready.

After our service we fellowshiped together with an early morning breakfast potluck in my home. There was 48 of us early risers for the sunrise service.

As the last worshipper left my compound the rains came again. Just like last year, they held off for the service and breakfast.Thank you for the beautiful rain you send and for your ultimate sacrifice for all of us on every corner of the world.

Bless you all dear ones as you celebrate the Risen Saviour. "THE DOOR WITH HINGES"!!

On my way back from the Supermarket yesterday, I stopped once again and took another picture of the cross from the other angle. NO children posing. Just wanted you to see it.

Blessed Easter!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer for Eye Glasses leads to Miracle Find!!

Have you ever prayed, "Lord, help me find.... or Help me Lord to figure out what to do about...."

This past Saturday, I was in town with my missionary pastor and his wife, getting a keyboard to play at church on Sunday's. We decided to go and get some lunch before working on songs for Easter. As I jumped out of the vehicle, I dropped my eyeglass case I was holding with my purse. I was at the time wearing my prescription sun glasses and had my regular glasses in the case. I was in the cafe and had barely set down my purse when I realized my glasses were not in my hand. It was less than 30 seconds time before I turned around and rushed back out toward to vehicle to find them. They were of course!! Already gone. The street children I was sure had saw me drop the case (which was a soft sided brown case resembling a wallet) and grabbed it and ran before I could turn around and rush out to find them.

I was devastated over this. I sat there in the Cafe and said, "Lord, What am I going to do?". I had just purchased them this past October just before heading back to Uganda from furlough.

They were expensive and I had NO way of replacing them. I grieved for a bit and I prayed for a couple of days asking God to show me what to do. I had even texted messaged my friend Angie back home and asked her to contact the Vision Center where I had purchased them to see if anything could be done to help me!! I pretty much had resigned myself to the fact that my glasses were gone. Fortunately, though, I hate wearing them, I had a pair of contacts I was able to wear. I have reading glasses that replace the bifocals that are on my glasses but not on my contacts.

I went to Pastor Terry's tonight to discuss service for Easter and their upcoming furlough. He was so excited, to tell me something. Him and his wife went over to their bookshelf and picked up a pair of glasses and asked me "Are these your glasses"??

You are NOT going to believe this. But Terry (who could sell Beach Front Property in Arizona) never gives up and went back and to the Parking Attendant to ask if he had seen them. or a street kid with them. He was able to find the Street kid who stole my glasses (The case long gone) and the kid was wearing my glasses. Terry paid an "Appreciation Finder's Fee" and talked the kid into giving him MY glasses, UNSCRATCHED AND UNDAMAGED!!

Can I just tell you, someone could have driven a truck through my dropped jaw!!! I was completely dumbfounded and did not believe he had been able to get them back. Of all the places and all the street kids that roam Main Street, to have the exact parking attendant say, I saw a street kid with glasses on go and get him and bring him back. For Terry to take the initiative to go back and even do this shows how very much he loves us and serves us here.

I can only say Amen and give God the Praise. "God you truly truly blew me away with this one. You Knew God, that I could not afford to replace my glasses, you used Terry and Debbie to get them back to me and show me ONCE AGAIN, how great and marvelous are your works. Your name will continually be on my lips. Praise you for this amazing amazing and completely shocking and funny turn of events". Just goes to show everyone, that God truly does hear our prayers and want us to trust Him!! What a story to tell!!!
Oh and FYI, the picture above is NOT a picture of the Street Children who took my glasses, but a picture of what all street children look like.

Monday, March 30, 2009

His Praise is Always on my Lips

My mother has spent the last month in the hospital. First she was hospitalized on Sunday March 8 for Pneumonia and struggled for several days to breath. She was at a small County Hospital and they worked hard to get her well. During this time she had a blood vessel in her abdomen rupture (she was on blood thinners for clotting disorder) and came close to bleeding to death. They removed her from the blood thinners, stopped the bleeding and she began to quickly recover after that from the Pneumonia and the bleeding after being given blood transfusions. She went home and then barely a week later she was rushed again to the same hospital now with Blood clots in her legs and severe enough that she had absolutely NO blood flow to her legs and feet. A Colorado storm whirled around and grounded out the hospitals ability to air ambulance her out to a larger medical facility. A final break in the storm allowed them to flight for life her to Grand Junction where there is a Regional Medical Center and a Cardiovascular Surgeon at hand to care for her. It looked as though she would lose her feet and quite possibly her left leg. Praise God the Surgeon was able to save her leg and her feet. She spent three days in the CV ICU ward and last night she was transferred to the Regular Cardiac Floor for care. Last night, I was finally able to speak to her on the phone.

Being here in Uganda affords me a great opportunity to trust God wholeheartedly. I love my mother dearly but I have had to leave her in His hands and in the care of my brother and his wife. I know that God can perform miracles, but I was taking it out of His hands and worrying that I wouldn't get a chance to see her again. Perhaps I wont. I only know that I love God with my whole heart and Praise Him in the Midst of the Storm. As much as I love Uganda and what God has called me to do, it is very difficult for me to be over here completely powerless to do anything to help in the care and concern for my mother. I am very thankful for my brother and his wife and for my daughter who waited on the Grand Junction side to receive her when the chopper arrived with her. They are my heroes. God is my rock. I am thankful for all of them. I am thankful for the health care and medical treatment my mother is receiving and that she is improving slowly bit by bit. God you are so good. Thank you for my mother's health and Thank you God for the strength you give me to leave it in your hands. Being 12,000 miles away, I can do nothing but you are everywhere and can do great and mighty things. I will always Praise you. May it ever be on my lips!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Added Ministry

It seems forever since my last update, and in fact it was February 8. Since getting my computer up and running that very day, I have had scetchy internet and little time to access it. But, I am hoping you will forgive the long interval. It is difficult sometimes to do this, and in fact this very update has taken me two days to complete. The internet, power and signal has gone down three times while writing this. I have had to start over each and every time.

I have had an additional responsibility added to my ministry duties. In addition to being the Medical/Health Coordinator, I am now also the Volunteer/Communications Coordinator. That means after the volunteers have been approved stateside and sent in their applications, Pastoral reference and parent permission forms and been given the green light for the time frame, I take over. I oversee their housing, scheduling, assignments and any issues or problems that arise during their stay with us. Problems are rare, and I love the interaction with these great people, who come to us and work hard, doing whatever is asked of them, wherever the need.

It is wonderful to have these individuals come and work with us from anywhere from two weeks to 10 weeks. One of the things I have them do is a work project and an official outing with the toddlers on Saturdays.
On one of those Saturdays, we scrubbed the toys, to sanitize and clean them up and sort through the junk, throwing out those that were broken up and of no use. The picture below shows how hard they were working sitting out on the back lawn. They scrubbed, sorted and cleaned for 3 hours and then were given a break for 4 hours and then went on an outing which was a boat ride.
I hope you can see the Malachite Kingfisher in the second photo. You may have to magnify. It is a beautiful small bird (but larger than a hummingbird). They do not usually stand still long enough to get a good photo, but this one did.
As you can see in the third photo, we were pretty crowded in the van taking the children down to the launch site. Several people are not visible in the picture but were indeed in the vehicle.
The children and the volunteers had a wonderful time. I enjoyed it too because we finally found a decent boat man to take us on this smooth part of the Nile River and slow down or stop when there are amazing things to view. No one was able to get a picture of this but we all saw a Monitor Lizard the size of a full grown Crocodile. The most enormous of the indigenous lizards here I have seen.
I am amazed that God is using me in such a way that I am priveledge to wittness some amazing things of Nature like this.
Bless you all this day and through out this next week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Amazing Things In And Near Baby Home

We were playing out in front this day and the toddler kids were all clamoring to have their picture taken by a couple of young ladies who were visiting us. One in the photo, Amanda was a previous volunteer, and the kids were all saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeze". These kids truly are a blessing and its so much fun to see them learning and playing and interacting with people.
The kids pray before meals and its precious to have them lead the grace before they eat. Now if we can just get their table manners to improve.

I also did something yesterday that I have never done in the 3 1/2 years since I first came to Jinja, Uganda. I went to "Source of the Nile Gardens" on the other side of the Dam. I have been over near there many times but never gone to the very place that John Hanning Speke stood on July 28, 1862 and "discovered" this "Source" of the Nile River. This photo is the Head Waters (Mouth) of the Nile as it exits Lake Victoria. When Speke found it, it was a water fall that came up from a spring that plummeted over 200 feet down to the Nile and there began its journey to the Mediterranean Sea.
At the Gardens is wear many monkeys hang out. These are green velvet monkeys and adults and babies run around and are brave enough to let you walk within 20 feet of them sometimes. I took many pictures but have only included a few. It was a nice "Off" day to be able to do this and I decided it would a great "outing" for the kids providing good weather.
The only problem is the children are so fearful of animals that we will have to be careful. Most of them wont even go near the two dogs we have at the baby home. Some are just starting to go near them and touch them.
This last photo was of a mother or "babysitter" and three baby monkeys. I sat just a few yards away and watched them play in this tree. Sometimes they would stop and watch me. It was quite comical
It is nearing the rainy season and we have already started having seriously heavy rainstorms. I enjoy the cooler weather and the moisture but it really makes the red dirt a bugger to get through.
Blessings to all you precious people at home and may God bless you all.