Monday, September 29, 2008

I was given the priveledge of flying to San Diego and spending a few short days with the Amani Kids that live in around that area. It was a joyful reunion and Icannot tell you what a great blessing it is to see those precious little ones I have loved for so long look so happy and healthy. They are thriving and though I think we have the absolute best Children's home in all of Uganda it still can never take the place of a real home with their own family. Each had this very surprised look on their face when they saw me. I think they could not quite believe that I was there. Joseph & Duane and their wonderful family hosted my few days there and I felt like I was treated like royalty. WOW!! We traveled about 30 minutes away to Weiss and Savannah's house and had a picnic get together. Judah and Jay also came with their families. It was a quick trip and I am sorry I could not see the other kids, but so glad to see those I did. What a blessing!!!!!