Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ok, so I have a total and complete aversion to snakes. I can barely stand to say the word "Snake". I would rather the world existed without them, for many reasons. But, I also know they are a part of God's Kingdom.
Caterpillars are a different story however. I will admit, I did refuse to touch this one. It was pretty large. I did take pictures and look at it for awhile. It had a rather large stinger on its rear but was amazingly vivid green with brown/gray geometric stripes on it's topside.
Amazing!! That's what I said. God is amazing!!! He has created so many amazing and incredible things. It's hard to capture on a camera.
These children here at Amani are amazing. Their resilient and precious, funny and obnoxious, loving and truly God's own. I love my work here, and even though I sometimes get mired down in the immensity of it all, I still am so thankful that I am called here for now.
We meet the needs of these children, and God gives us the grace and wisdom to do it. Like this Green Caterpillar they each have their own unique way about them and their beautiful in God's sight.
Thank you all dear ones for your continued support, your prayers and your kind messages. Receiving hello's from you are like precious jewels for me to put on a chain. I link them together to form a beautiful piece of quality jewelry. Bless you all abundantly. I love you all.