Saturday, January 24, 2009

Amazing Things In And Near Baby Home

We were playing out in front this day and the toddler kids were all clamoring to have their picture taken by a couple of young ladies who were visiting us. One in the photo, Amanda was a previous volunteer, and the kids were all saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeze". These kids truly are a blessing and its so much fun to see them learning and playing and interacting with people.
The kids pray before meals and its precious to have them lead the grace before they eat. Now if we can just get their table manners to improve.

I also did something yesterday that I have never done in the 3 1/2 years since I first came to Jinja, Uganda. I went to "Source of the Nile Gardens" on the other side of the Dam. I have been over near there many times but never gone to the very place that John Hanning Speke stood on July 28, 1862 and "discovered" this "Source" of the Nile River. This photo is the Head Waters (Mouth) of the Nile as it exits Lake Victoria. When Speke found it, it was a water fall that came up from a spring that plummeted over 200 feet down to the Nile and there began its journey to the Mediterranean Sea.
At the Gardens is wear many monkeys hang out. These are green velvet monkeys and adults and babies run around and are brave enough to let you walk within 20 feet of them sometimes. I took many pictures but have only included a few. It was a nice "Off" day to be able to do this and I decided it would a great "outing" for the kids providing good weather.
The only problem is the children are so fearful of animals that we will have to be careful. Most of them wont even go near the two dogs we have at the baby home. Some are just starting to go near them and touch them.
This last photo was of a mother or "babysitter" and three baby monkeys. I sat just a few yards away and watched them play in this tree. Sometimes they would stop and watch me. It was quite comical
It is nearing the rainy season and we have already started having seriously heavy rainstorms. I enjoy the cooler weather and the moisture but it really makes the red dirt a bugger to get through.
Blessings to all you precious people at home and may God bless you all.