Monday, January 25, 2010

....the mission goes on..

It is January 25, 2010 and I am back in Uganda once more serving a mighty God.

Can you believe we are almost 1/12 of the way through this new year already. It's amazing to me how time flies and how God continues to bless this ministry.

I had an absolutely wonderful time with my family during the holidays. Those precious hours spent with my Grandkids and children blessed me so much.
My daughter did throw me a wonderful 50th birthday party and I was able to see many people and spend a little bit of time visiting with them and all my kids and all my Grandkids.

Those of you I was priveledged to see during the short time I was home gave me great joy.

I continue to serve here at Amani Baby Cottage and always seem to hit the ground running when I land here.

The work here is ongoing and you all continue to be a part of it.
I have been on this planet for 50 years now and Praise God I can continue to serve here. Please continue to pray for me and the work here and continue to support Reaching Hands Mission to Uganda.
I would also ask you to pray for our dear friends and connections in Haiti. It is a sad and horrendous situation there right now and our hearts and prayers are going up for them right now.
Bless you all dear ones.